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It is amazing how the world begins to change through the eyes of a cup of coffee

Coffee beans are only called beans' because of the resemblance- the're actually berries

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We work with importers who have stated their willingness to contact Siz Agro PLC. We have positioned ourselves as a differentiated provider of the highest quality Arabica beans. The primary goal of all services efforts will be to communicate this to existing and potential customers.

Relation With customer

Relation are keys to success in the export business. Importers from different continent have on several occasions visited the SizAgro facility and farms from which coffee is purchased.

Product Divirsification

We provide high quality service by offering competitive price as per customer demands and accomplished this by improving the type, quality and quantity of the products, by discarding all out dated machines and substituted them with modern for the preparation of the export coffee.

Expanding The Services

Farming, producing, processing and delivering large volume of coffee with best quality and add other side line products to the services and stand first among the rivals engaged in the sector.

Services Strategy

Siz Agro is coordinating its internal resources in producing and processing best quality of both washed and unwashed coffee and selling them in the domestic and export market so as to creating employment opportunity, enhancing its contribution in foreign currency earnings of the country.

Work Flow

Siz Agro coffee producer and exporter Speciality and Commercial coffee farming, sourcing, trading and exporting the best coffee of both washed and natural green beans to the international market



We made the coffee farming on larg forest with natural methods



Gathering the coffee when the time come by collaborating with farmers


Washing the coffee

washing is made our own washing mills and assure quality of coffee


Drying the coffee

We dry the washed coffee for better quality with different methods



Packing the coffee with qualified and certified materials for export standared



We make fast and safe delivery around the globe all over the customers.