Places Where We Produce Coffee In Ethiopia

Our farm is located in Guangua, a village 18 miles from Yirgacheffe. The farm is 135 hectares of which 40 hectares is ready for harvest. We also partner with selected local farmers that supply quality cherries to the mill at the farm.

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Siz Agro

Siz Agro PLC is an Ethiopian Coffee Grower, Processor and Exporter. We have over two decades of experience in coffee processing and have recently started growing and exporting our exceptional coffee to the world. Siz Agro strives to be socially and environmentally responsible coffee producer and exporter that focuses on building a longterm relationship with our customers.

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Dry Processing

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Our Washing Mills

Siz Agro PLC also owns seven washing mills across several Zones in Oromia and SNNP regions of the southern Ethiopia. We have mills in Sidama, Yirgacheffe, Hambella Guji, and Gedeb Gotiti. We collect quality cherries from smallholder farmers around our stations, and delicately process them to specialty coffee standards both in Dry(Natural) and Wet(Washed) methods.

Specialized in growing Coffee in our farms then prepare the coffee from the cheery to the export standard and exports it to all over the world.

Work Flow

Siz Agro coffee producer and exporter Speciality and Commercial coffee farming, sourcing, trading and exporting the best coffee of both washed and natural green beans to the international market



We made the coffee farming on larg forest with natural methods



Gathering the coffee when the time come by collaborating with farmers


Washing the coffee

washing is made our own washing mills and assure quality of coffee


Drying the coffee

We dry the washed coffee for better quality with different methods



Packing the coffee with qualified and certified materials for export standared



We make fast and safe delivery around the globe all over the customers.